What is comics editing?

Comics editing is a process of supporting an artist to create their best work. A comics editor can help you think through the formalistic and conceptual concerns of comics in order to best express your stories and characters through drawing, writing, design, and the flow of time in your work.

How is comics editing different from other kinds of editing?

Editing comics is different than editing prose for one major reason: there are no rules. That is the beauty of comics! Every creator has the opportunity with each project to write a new language, their own language, and an editor’s job is to identify that language and make sure it communicates.

What about technical editing advice?

Yes, there are examples to follow, precedents and conventions that one might employ, and a good editor knows them backwards and forwards. Knowing them is helpful so you can use them, and so you can break them. Don’t have time to learn every comics style and convention before you start your work? Leave it to your editor.

when might you want a comics editor?

Your ideas may come too quickly, leaving you without a broader perspective on how they fit together – an editor can see that for you.

You may have a desire to use a style, a specific image, or structure, but you don’t know why – an editor can make sure that it’s supporting what you’re trying to say.

You may not even know what you’re trying to say! An editor knows how to ask you the questions that will clarify your underlying desires.

What if you’ve got an idea, you feel strong and solid on the contents, aesthetics, and design of your book, but you don’t know where to begin? Or you’ve begun, and now you’re overwhelmed about how to continue? An editor can also collaborate with you to create a realistic work plan, with regular check-ins and feedback, to keep that overwhelm at bay.

what can a comics editor do for you?



As far as editors go, there’s no one I trust more with my comics than Georgia Webber. She’s got a keen, critical eye and really understands the nuances of sequential storytelling. Georgia helped edit both of my graphic novels and offered me a very helpful perspective when I was too deep in my own work to see what needed improving. Her notes range from the small, like word choices, to the large, like a structural re-examination of the book. Georgia is thoughtful in her feedback, friendly to work with, and an expert in the form. 

– Meags Fitzgerald, Photobooth: A Biography and Long Red Hair

During the editing process while working on my book, I felt bewildered and lost. Georgia came in and swiftly helped me to gain clarity and focus on the project. She got straight to the heart of the story, helped me solve many issues, and was a true joy to work with.     

– Mike Freiheit, Monkey Chef

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