Comics Editor, at your service

As far as editors go, there’s no one I trust more with my comics than Georgia Webber. She’s got a keen, critical eye and really understands the nuances of sequential storytelling. Georgia helped edit both of my graphic novels and offered me a very helpful perspective when I was too deep in my own work to see what needed improving. Her notes range from the small, like word choices, to the large, like a structural re-examination of the book. Georgia is thoughtful in her feedback, friendly to work with, and an expert in the form.
— Meags Fitzgerald, Photobooth: A Biography
During the editing process while working on my book, I felt bewildered and lost. Georgia came in and swiftly helped me to gain clarity and focus on the project. She got straight to the heart of the story, helped me solve many issues, and was a true joy to work with.
— Mike Freiheit, Monkey Chef

Substantive Editing

This is a really useful process for when you're right in the middle of a project, feeling like you're in over your head with options and possibilities and maybe have forgotten what's central to your story - why it needs to get made. I will read what you've got so far, make my own notes, then we have an hour-long conversation in which I use questions and feedback to help you find concrete steps forward and a sharper sense of direction. Afterwards, I will type up the most important things from our conversation and my own reading, and send it all to you. Things we may discuss include: plot strength and continuity, deconstruction of craft, abstract analysis, symbolism, production and marketing considerations, and more.

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Publications Consulting

***The price is Pay What You Can, and we'll arrange something that makes sense for both of us. The $50 ticket is just a placeholder because PWYC isn't an option on Squarespace (yet).

This is an official way of saying that I like to talk about publishing, even when I’m not at the head of a project. My extensive experience in both professional and DIY publishing is something I can offer you, with a sliding scale, on a case-by-case basis. Email me a 100-word description of your project, a short list of your problem areas, or questions, and I’ll offer you a quote. It could be an hourly rate, or the cost of lunch – either way, we’ll figure it out together. 

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