MAW Vocal Arts


The next MAW event is on July 3rd, 2018! Come one, come all!

This July 3rd, MAW returns for another Community Celebration of the Vocal Arts! 

We just held our second event on December 17th at Burdock Music Hall, and it was a hugely energizing event. There is so much voice to behold, to celebrate - contact me if you have any suggestions for who to include in our July showcase. I want to be as diverse, boundary-crossing, and inclusive as possible. I need your help!

$10 or Pay What You Can. This is a kid-friendly event.

What is it?

MAW is the name of my community gatherings for exploring and celebrating the range and creativity of the voice, human or otherwise. I coordinated the first community event on World Voice Day, April 16th, 2017 at Burdock Music Hall, and it was truly magical. Toronto's community of vocalizers is intensely talented and diverse, and I can only hope to scratch the surface of the beautiful work being done here, to bring these people together for greater opportunities and a sense of community around the voice. 

Eventually I would love to host and lead workshops, residencies, and artist showcases to wake people up to the beauty and potential of their personal instrument, and all the abstractions that come when we recognize its power.

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where does the money go?

So far, all I've been able to offer my performers is to cover their transportation costs to and from the event that they're performing in for free. The door donations are all we have to work with, and since there are usually 20+ people performing at each event, it doesn't go very far. I hope to one day have funding and greater door support to pay each performer what they're worth, and to invite artists from afar to enrich our local community. Any contribution you make will support that someday dream!