All of it that brings us here

So many of us feel exhausted. Depressed. Anxious. We can be surrounded by loved ones and still feel lonely; sleep all night and never really rest. When we are in pain, this is especially true - if there was something we could do to relieve the pain, we’d do it. If we could understand why we hurt, it might hurt less.

All of it - the pain, loneliness, anxiety, exhaustion - must heal from within. Our lives will never be perfect, our relationships will always be complicated, our jobs will always be tiring - but we can find peace, calm, and health by reconnecting with ourselves.

Dance with the one who brung you

In my time on this planet, I have had a lot of health difficulties: chronic pain in my stomach, throat and hands; disorders of anxiety and depression; irritable bowel syndrome; chest tightness; persistent headaches and fatigue; vertigo; ulcers - all before the age of 30. In all the help I have sought, and all the therapies I've benefitted from, Craniosacral Therapy has helped me reconnect with my body, relax most deeply. It has given me relief time and time again. Now it is time to pass it on. Read more.

What is craniosacral therapy?

This practice's healing power comes from its subtlety, softness, and depth. It is profoundly restful, holistic, and safe. The main goal of Craniosacral is to reduce restrictions and tension so that the body can settle into its own healing rhythms, without us getting in the way. Enhancing areas of health, rather than focusing solely on areas of dis-ease, creates a resource for the body to draw on long after you've left the table. Read more.

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